Shadow Web Red Rooms

Welcome snuff seeker

You've reached the darknet's red rooms.

Have you ever thought about what it is like to die?

Here you will experience all the gory details, only without going through it yourself.

We are a small, global group of individuals dedicated to bringing you the best in bloody, live entertainment.

Death shows are streamed live from a separate site and held every month — as long as participants are available.

While our shows are pre-planned in some ways, random things happen too. There is always a new way to go and you may find yourself trying to guess what will happen next.

Once your one-time membership fee is paid, all red room shows are free for one year.

Note that viewers cannot interact with the participants or make custom requests. You may leave anonymous comments in the sidebar.

Who does this?

Our participants are volunteers, terminally ill who want to die, criminals and the filthy scum of society.

We do not accept police officers, government leaders, politicians, children under 18, parents who care for young children, celebrities, or anyone with a high public profile.

How does it work?

We've compiled a customized open source Firefox browser specifically configured to securely and anonymously access our streaming servers over I2P.

If you wish, you may secure the browser and make the customizations yourself.

However some of you are not skilled at technical things — and we got so many help requests so often — we decided to give you this option.

We guarantee you won't be disappointed.


To join, send 0.50 BTC to 13KzwUwKVarQDMac8JrZEFiG9EpdWeSHfh.

Next, send an email to from your anonymous darknet email address.

We will send you step-by-step instructions to configure your browser.

Or, you can download the one we have compiled. It is an open source, security hardened Firefox browser with the customizations already done for you.

You will also receive notification 24 hours before the next show.

Welcome to the club... and enjoy the show.